121 Mining Investment Frankfurt: Raw Materials Supply Challenge for Automotive Companies

by Roland Berger

121 Mining Investment forum was heading to Frankfurt on 16-17 November 2022. At its core, the event aimed to connect mining companies and investors, therefore facilitating exciting new projects showcasing and capital raise opportunities.

In a nutshell, why you should have considered attending the forum?

  • A forum for German and European investors to connect with critical raw materials company CEOs
  • Hear from the projects supplying critical raw materials to automotive and renewable sectors
  • Diversify your portfolio and hedge inflation through precious metals investment strategies

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart (Senior Partner, Head of Technology & Innovation at the Automotive Competence Center, Roland Berger) presented during the event, tackling key topics such as decarbonization of transportation, battery raw material supply chain and the associated strategic implications for the mining and refining industries.

Check the full presentation for more insights!

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