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December 13 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Infrastructure - Regulation - Technology - Global

Global automotive supplier study 2022

The economic environment continues to be difficult for automotive suppliers. Read More
by Roland Berger
November 23 - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Regulation - Global

Making sense of the momentum in the global hydrogen economy

Climate change and serious geopolitical concerns have made the need to wean advanced economies off fossil fuels abundantly clear. In the process, both private-sector interests and public policymakers are increasingly discovering the potential of hydrogen to advance the transition to a climate-friendly economy. Read More
by Roland Berger
September 30 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Mobility behaviour - Mobility concept preferences - Regulation - Global

Urban logistics – From atomization to massification

Global eCommerce sales have been flourishing, and the market is projected to grow around 9% annually over the coming years. To satisfy a complex mix of rising demand, costs, efficiency loss, and CO2Emissions, cities, logistic players and others have tried local experimentations to better optimize urban delivery – but that is not enough. Read More
by Roland Berger
November 23 - Automotive association activities - Battery cost - EVs - EV portfolio - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Germany - Global - North America - USA

Progress in Battery Technology versus Platform Development

In this article, fka discusses current technological developments at the cell level and takes a look at existing safety risks and how these can be controlled. In the next step, impacts on battery housing development and cell integration are examined, to conclude with an outlook on consequences for vehicle platform development. Read More
by fka
November 02 - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - France - Germany - UK - USA

A like for like comparison between automakers on their carbon emissions

The automotive sector has a crucial role to play in advancing the transition to a low carbon economy. Carbometrix tracks this transition and has computed the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon performance of the 48 largest global auto manufacturers worldwide, representing 99% of passenger cars sales. There are massive differences between automotive manufacturers. Read […] Read More
by carbometrix
October 04 - Automotive association activities - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle - Computing power - Industry Activity - Mobile network - 5G coverage - Multi modal mobility - Patent activities - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - Germany

Automotive Software Factory

With higher software and feature demand in vehicles, requirements for OEMs in SW-development have increased. OEMs are implementing new E/E architectures to address increasing software and feature requirements. For a successful transformation towards a SW-enabled company, OEMs and tier-1s need to undertake major changes within their organization. Read More
by Roland Berger
September 07 - Automotive association activities - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle preference - Patent activities - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Technology - Test roads - Autonomous vehicle - Type approval process - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - China - Germany - Global - North America - South Korea - USA

What will it take to agree a gold standard for autonomous vehicle safety?

Industry players are coming together to jointly develop global reference solutions for self-driving safety challenges. The Autonomous forum has been pioneering a collaborative approach to autonomous vehicle (AV) development for the past two years, bringing together a community of players across the mobility ecosystem to establish safety standards and practices. Breaking down AV safety into […] Read More
by Automotive World
June 23 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Belgium - Europe - France - Germany - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden

Heavy-duty vehicles CO2 targets 2030: Which drivetrain technology will win?

After the passenger car market has been driven by regulation to ever greater CO2 optimization over the past ten years, it is time for the EU's second-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in road traffic: heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) like commercial trucks or buses. Read More
by fka
June 09 - Automotive association activities - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Mobility concept preferences - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - Global - North America - South America

Life Cycle Assessments – Controversial, but without Alternative

The decision about the phase-out of fossil fuels in our transport systems has been made and the focus is now primarily on battery electric vehicles, but synthetic fuels and fuel cells are still in the running. Only life cycle assessments that cover the entire service life of the vehicles from the production of raw materials […] Read More
by Springer Fachmedien
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