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July 26 - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - Industry Activity - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - North America

Decarbonizing transportation

The transportation and logistics sector is facing increased pressure to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact in this carbon-intensive industry is not just important in order to comply with regulatory targets and achieve global climate goals. Climate Action is a clear opportunity. Check out this article to see why. Read More
by Roland Berger
June 23 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Belgium - Europe - France - Germany - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden

Heavy-duty vehicles CO2 targets 2030: Which drivetrain technology will win?

After the passenger car market has been driven by regulation to ever greater CO2 optimization over the past ten years, it is time for the EU's second-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in road traffic: heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) like commercial trucks or buses. Read More
by fka
June 09 - Automotive association activities - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Mobility concept preferences - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - Global - North America - South America

Life Cycle Assessments – Controversial, but without Alternative

The decision about the phase-out of fossil fuels in our transport systems has been made and the focus is now primarily on battery electric vehicles, but synthetic fuels and fuel cells are still in the running. Only life cycle assessments that cover the entire service life of the vehicles from the production of raw materials […] Read More
by Springer Fachmedien
May 28 - Automotive association activities - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle preference - Infrastructure - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Regulation - Test roads - Autonomous vehicle - Type approval process - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - China - Germany - UK - USA

Do AVs need smooth roads and clear signage?

Human drivers are more than capable of driving safely despite issues such as potholes, obscured traffic signals or fading road signs, but is there a guarantee that an autonomous vehicle (AV) could show similar flexibility? Read More
by Automotive World
December 11 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV/PHEV sales - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - China - Europe

Lithium-ion batteries for the global automotive industry and beyond

The breakthrough of electric vehicles leads to a strong demand for lithium-ion batteries. This will open up lucrative opportunities for European equipment suppliers in the following years. Read More
by Roland Berger
February 27 - Automotive association activities - Autonomous vehicle preference - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Restrictions for ICEs - Test roads - Autonomous vehicle

The Future is Imminent – Autonomous Trucking and its Industry Implications

Following years of hype and media fanfare surrounding autonomous vehicles, many technology and passenger vehicle companies have recently softened their stance around what is feasible in the short and medium terms. Key players are shifting their focus to automating highway driving, an easier problem to solve that inner-city traffic, and with it also shifting to […] Read More
February 27 - Amount of shared vehicles - CO2 legislation - Customer curiosity - Mobile network - 5G coverage - Mobility behaviour - Mobility concept preferences - Mobility planning - Multi modal mobility - Restrictions for ICEs

Urban mobility – The new battleground for the traveler?

For travelers, it is unnecessarily complicated to move around cities. Every urban area uses specific systems, applications, and customer interfaces. An overarching mobility platform, including urban mobility and travel products, is a feasible solution. It is also a chance for innovative mobility providers to catch intercity travelers as new customers. We interviewed three startups that […] Read More
December 03 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Restrictions for ICEs - Asia-Pacific - Europe - North America

E-Mobility Index 2019: China pulls further ahead

Germany and Europe trail the field in battery cell production. New service models could help. Read More
by Roland Berger
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