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June 23 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Belgium - Europe - France - Germany - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden

Heavy-duty vehicles CO2 targets 2030: Which drivetrain technology will win?

After the passenger car market has been driven by regulation to ever greater CO2 optimization over the past ten years, it is time for the EU's second-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in road traffic: heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) like commercial trucks or buses. Read More
by fka
June 16 - Amount of shared vehicles - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Mobility behaviour - Mobility concept preferences - Mobility planning - Asia-Pacific - Canada - China - Dubai - Germany - Global - India - Netherlands - Saudi Arabia - Singapore - South Korea - UAE - UK - USA

Last-mile delivery poised for huge growth after e-commerce boom

Last-mile players face a wealth of product, customer and operational challenges, but intelligent and green tech promises a bright and competitive market. Read More
by Automotive World
June 09 - Automotive association activities - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Mobility concept preferences - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - Global - North America - South America

Life Cycle Assessments – Controversial, but without Alternative

The decision about the phase-out of fossil fuels in our transport systems has been made and the focus is now primarily on battery electric vehicles, but synthetic fuels and fuel cells are still in the running. Only life cycle assessments that cover the entire service life of the vehicles from the production of raw materials […] Read More
by Springer Fachmedien
June 02 - EV portfolio - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - USA

Electric vehicles as home energy storage

The new Ford F-150 Lightning and other electric vehicles can deliver home energy storage at a lower cost. Thus, they could be among the cheapest home energy solutions on the market. Read More
by Roland Berger
May 31 - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle preference - Customer interest - Industry Activity - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Test roads - Autonomous vehicle - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - China - Germany - Japan - South Korea - USA

Why Some Hands-Free Driving Leaves AV Industry’s Hands Tied

Level 3 autonomy is the uncanny valley of AV tech; its challenges say a lot about the future of self-driving cars and trucks. Read More
by CoMotion
May 19 - Autonomous vehicle - Computing power - Autonomous vehicle preference - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Patent activities - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Technology - Europe - Global

Quantum Computing | When will the breakthrough come?

Companies anticipate massive impact on business models when quantum computing breakthrough is achieved. This article focuses on 4 steps that are essential to develop a quantum strategy. Read More
by Roland Berger
May 10 - Battery cost - EVs - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Infrastructure - Europe - Germany - Italy - Sweden - UK

LiB Production Capacity

Europe is the fastest growing market in battery cells production. Up to 1,000 GWh/a LiB cell production capacity already announced until 2030. Read More
by Roland Berger
March 24 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - China - Europe - France - Germany - Global - Italy - Japan - South Korea - USA

E-Mobility Index 2021

China retains its competitive lead while the United States drops to fourth place. While COVID-19 has had a negative impact on vehicle markets around the world, sales of electric vehicles (xEVs) have grown strongly, especially in Europe. Read More
by fka
February 22 - Autonomous vehicle - Computing power - Autonomous vehicle preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Global

Computer on Wheels: Part 3

Time to shift gear? A new role for Tier 1 automotive suppliers in software-enabled vehicles Read More
by Roland Berger
February 15 - Customer curiosity - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Mobility behaviour - Mobility planning - Germany

The Rise of High Power Charging in the DACH Region – The long-awaited game changer in public EV charging?

This CHARGING RADAR Insight takes a closer look at the High power charging segment and compares it with the overall public EV charging market in terms of market development, market structure and typical user behavior in the DACH region. Read More
by Charging Radar
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