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ISSUE 9 - May 2021
The electric breakthrough – The EV market finally comes of age
The electric vehicle (EV) market increased drastically in 2020. Sales, market share and other industry indicators all hit record highs. EV penetration more than tripled between 2017 and 2020 to reach 4.7% of total vehicle sales. 50% of all potential car buyers are now considering a battery EV – compared with 35% in ADR1 (Jan 2017). In the new ADR 9 issue, we take a closer look at these figures and analyze four developments regarding the shift to autonomous mobility: Commercialization of autonomous mobility services; growing competition in the EV market; OEMs fall behind as new players enter software market; and the rise and rise of Tesla.
ISSUE 8 - December 2020
Autonomous mobility is coming, and not even the coronavirus can stop it
Covid-19 hit the automotive industry hard, but it even forces the disruption happening in the sector: EV sales have never been higher driven by governmental stimulus programs, the commercialization of robocabs has started and our exclusive surveys show strong customer interest. In our new edition of the Automotive Disruption Radar, we find that country scores were the highest on record. We also analyze four real-life developments that underscore the shift to autonomous mobility.
ISSUE 7 - April 2020
Pandemic may accelerate disruption in the automotive industry
The automotive industry already had plenty of roadblocks to overcome in the coming years: compliance with climate targets, declining sales figures worldwide, new competition, trade wars between states and a high need for investment in new technologies. These challenges are now being joined by the corona pandemic, which will cause unprecedented damage to the economy. In our most negative forecast, Roland Berger expects the automotive market to collapse by up to 40 percent and it is unclear when the market will recover. One thing is certain: In the already tense situation, the crisis has the potential to change the automotive industry in the long term.