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October 06 - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle - Computing power - Digitized culture preference - Patent activities - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Technology - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - China - Europe - Germany - Global - USA

Future Automotive E/E Architectures

The manifold technological challenges for future E/E architectures, new development and implementation approaches for automotive E/E architectures are currently gaining traction. This whitepaper gives an overview of the current trends and technologies used by automotive OEMs. Read More
by fka
November 23 - Automotive association activities - Battery cost - EVs - EV portfolio - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Germany - Global - North America - USA

Progress in Battery Technology versus Platform Development

In this article, fka discusses current technological developments at the cell level and takes a look at existing safety risks and how these can be controlled. In the next step, impacts on battery housing development and cell integration are examined, to conclude with an outlook on consequences for vehicle platform development. Read More
by fka
June 23 - Battery cost - EVs - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Belgium - Europe - France - Germany - Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden

Heavy-duty vehicles CO2 targets 2030: Which drivetrain technology will win?

After the passenger car market has been driven by regulation to ever greater CO2 optimization over the past ten years, it is time for the EU's second-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in road traffic: heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) like commercial trucks or buses. Read More
by fka
March 24 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - China - Europe - France - Germany - Global - Italy - Japan - South Korea - USA

E-Mobility Index 2021

China retains its competitive lead while the United States drops to fourth place. While COVID-19 has had a negative impact on vehicle markets around the world, sales of electric vehicles (xEVs) have grown strongly, especially in Europe. Read More
by fka


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