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December 13 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Infrastructure - Regulation - Technology - Global

Global automotive supplier study 2022

The economic environment continues to be difficult for automotive suppliers. Read More
by Roland Berger
November 23 - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Regulation - Global

Making sense of the momentum in the global hydrogen economy

Climate change and serious geopolitical concerns have made the need to wean advanced economies off fossil fuels abundantly clear. In the process, both private-sector interests and public policymakers are increasingly discovering the potential of hydrogen to advance the transition to a climate-friendly economy. Read More
by Roland Berger
October 05 - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Infrastructure - Mobility behaviour - Mobility concept preferences - Technology - Canada - China - Europe - Global - North America - USA

How the Commercial Vehicle Industry can overcome record global disruption

Roland Berger examines the quadrupling effect of global disruptions upon the commercial vehicle industry. Read More
by Roland Berger
September 20 - Customer interest - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Mobility behaviour - Europe - Germany - Global - Netherlands - North America - USA

EV charging: What will it take to win?

The EV charging market is flourishing, but in a rather unstructured way. It is a complex market, directly influenced by the unpredictable behaviors of EV drivers. This study lays out successful business models for this complex market and what it will take to win. Read More
by Roland Berger
August 22 - CO2 legislation - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Europe - Germany - USA

Understanding the Transformative Journey to Fleet Electrification

To reach the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement, fleets need to achieve greater GHG reduction at a faster pace. For this, fleet operators need to electrify their vehicles. Read More
by Roland Berger
August 04 - Industry Activity - China - Europe - Germany - Global - Russia

Resilience in Disruption

Roland Berger examines how a growing number of crises are impacting international markets, and how your company can become more resilient in an era of disruption Read More
by Roland Berger
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