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The future of long-distance mobility: How Covid-19 has disrupted the future of long-distance mobility

by Roland Berger

Although demand for private travel noticeably increased in 2021, customers from Europe, China, and the US are still hesitant to return to pre-pandemic levels of leisure travel. In fact, total air traffic plummeted by 66% globally last year, according to the International Air Transport Association. Road and rail travel were slightly more resilient, but still experienced a 30% drop in participation, when compared to 2019 levels.

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December 13 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Infrastructure - Regulation - Technology - Global

Global automotive supplier study 2022

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November 23 - Customer interest - Industry Activity - Regulation - Global

Making sense of the momentum in the global hydrogen economy

Climate change and serious geopolitical concerns have made the need to wean advanced economies off fossil fuels abundantly clear. In the process, both private-sector interests and public policymakers are increasingly discovering the potential of hydrogen to advance the transition to a climate-friendly economy. Read More
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