Typology of attractive charging locations

by Charging Radar

The charging market in Germany grows rapidly, with AC chargers still being the dominant solution with a share of 85% but high power charging catching up due to high growth rates. This CHARGING RADAR Insight takes a closer look at the location of charging stations and which power types and power levels are suitable for the charging hotspots.

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December 06 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - Mobility behaviour - Mobility concept preferences - Mobility planning - Multi modal mobility - Africa - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Global - North America - South America

The future of long-distance mobility: How Covid-19 has disrupted the future of long-distance mobility

Although demand for private travel noticeably increased in 2021, customers from Europe, China, and the US are still hesitant to return to pre-pandemic levels of leisure travel. Read More
by Roland Berger
December 03 - Customer curiosity - Customer interest - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - Canada - China - Dubai - Europe - France - Germany - Italy - Netherlands - USA

EV Charging Index – New trends affecting the electric vehicle charging industry

For the first time, Roland Berger conducted the “EV Charging Index”, revealing the leading markets and new trends affecting the electric vehicle charging industry. Read More
by Roland Berger
November 29 - Battery cost - EVs - EV portfolio - EV preference - EV/PHEV charging infrastructure - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Germany - North America

The Car as an Energy Storage System

electric cars can help to stabilize the power grid by acting as temporary energy storage facilities. Over the past ten years, more than 50 pilot projects of different sizes involving bidirectional charging have been successfully completed in locations all over the world. Read More
by Springer Fachmedien
November 26 - CO2 legislation - Industry Activity - Infrastructure - Mobility concept preferences - Mobility planning - Technology - Africa - China - Europe - Global

Hydrogen transportation – The key to unlocking the clean hydrogen economy

So far, investments in hydrogen focus on hydrogen production and applications. But getting hydrogen from global production sites to end users at the lowest possible cost is key to the success of the clean economy. Read More
by Roland Berger
November 23 - Automotive association activities - Battery cost - EVs - EV portfolio - EV/PHEV sales - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Germany - Global - North America - USA

Progress in Battery Technology versus Platform Development

In this article, fka discusses current technological developments at the cell level and takes a look at existing safety risks and how these can be controlled. In the next step, impacts on battery housing development and cell integration are examined, to conclude with an outlook on consequences for vehicle platform development. Read More
by fka
November 22 - Automotive products (Level 4+) - Autonomous vehicle - Computing power - Autonomous vehicle preference - Digitized culture preference - Industry Activity - Patent activities - R&D intensity - Autonomous driving - Vehicle-2-vehicle communication - China - Europe - North America - USA

5G – The New Gold Standard?

High-quality data that will allow for the establishment of lucrative business models in the field of mobility are becoming increasingly important within the automotive industry. But the demand for data by the systems integrated into vehicles is presenting an unprecedented challenge for the infrastructure. All the industry’s hopes are pinned on efficient data transfer solutions. […] Read More
by Springer Fachmedien
November 02 - CO2 legislation - EV preference - EV/PHEV sales - Industry Activity - Regulation - Restrictions for ICEs - Europe - France - Germany - UK - USA

A like for like comparison between automakers on their carbon emissions

The automotive sector has a crucial role to play in advancing the transition to a low carbon economy. Carbometrix tracks this transition and has computed the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon performance of the 48 largest global auto manufacturers worldwide, representing 99% of passenger cars sales. There are massive differences between automotive manufacturers. Read […] Read More
by carbometrix