Battery Show Europe 2023: Battery materials supply vs. demand and impact of US and EU regulations

Date: May 31, 2023 By: Roland Berger
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The Battery Show Europe took place from June 23rd to 25th,2023, in Stuttgart, Germany. At its core, the battery show as exhibition and conference aimed to connect battery industry, research institutes and investors to exchange hot topics, innovations, and transformation of the industry. Roland Berger participated with in total 3 presentations and 1 panel discussion to connect with the industry and show insights on Roland Berger’s view on the battery market, raw material supply chain and recycling topics.


Roland Berger Battery materials supply vs. demand and impact of US and EU regulations:
Growing demand of lithium-ion batteries leads to equivalent growth in demand for critical raw materials. This analysis shows how the mining and refining industry responds to the increasing demand and how the US and Europe try to secure and localize respective raw material industries. As major critical minerals for batteries like Lithium and Nickel are becoming tight in supply, Europe and North America are trying to secure as much of it as possible and co-locate the respective value chain by respective regulations. As the US IRA is currently the hottest topic, one major question remains at most cathode and cell manufacturers: How do I receive the full incentives? Roland Berger navigates through the regulatory framework and guides towards possible ways to secure incentives of the US IRA Critical Minerals requirements and deep dive on the current answer of the European Union.


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