Battery Show Europe 2023: Opportunities and challenges for battery recycling and reuse

Date: June 5, 2023 By: Roland Berger
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The Battery Show Europe took place from June 23rd to 25th,2023, in Stuttgart, Germany. At its core, the battery show as exhibition and conference aimed to connect battery industry, research institutes and investors to exchange hot topics, innovations, and transformation of the industry. Roland Berger participated with in total 3 presentations and 1 panel discussion to connect with the industry and show insights on Roland Berger’s view on the battery market, raw material supply chain and recycling topics.


With growing demand for lithium-ion batteries the question arises what happens with those products after reaching their end of life (EOL).
This conference presentation covers the opportunities and challenges for the 3 options after battery EOL:

  1. Battery reuse through repair, refurbishment or remanufacturing can be a viable option, especially in the event of technical defects during the warranty/duty of care period – However, most batteries are currently not design for reuse and it is often cheaper to replace with a new one
  2. Battery repurposing, especially for low cycle applications (e.g., uninterrupted power supply), offers the potential to extend the lifetime and therefore the profitable utilization – However, repurposed batteries need to compete technically and economically against new batteries specifically designed for the use case
  3. Battery recycling enables a circular value chain by recovering critical raw materials such as nickel, cobalt and lithium, which can be used to produce new batteries and is necessary to fulfill new EU recycling content targets – However, most recycling processes are not yet able to recycle LFP profitably


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